Did you know that Migraine is the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world and nearly 1 in 4 U.S. households include someone with a migraine?

Migraines can be extremely painful and even make you feel sick to your stomach. Light and sounds can make the pain even worse.

Not good at all when you need to care for your energetic children, perform in a high-stress or demanding work-environment, or just want to focus and feel like yourself.

Maybe you can relate to Kelly Petty who started experiencing migraines at age 40:

“The pain, nothing would help the pain. I would take like 800 milligrams of Motrin and it just didn’t seem to work. The headache just seemed to be there all the time.

I was not a happy person the whole week, the migraine usually lasted five days and I was just not myself. Everyone could see a difference in the way I felt, the way I talked. I was more sensitive. Things tended to bother me more because the pain was just so irritating. I just wasn’t myself anymore.”

The migraines started coming on when Kelly Petty turned 40. When they hit, the pain was so intense, it impacted every part of her life.

Migraines are headaches so severe they can cause nausea, extreme pain, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Our Doctors are now offering a new treatment for migraine headaches that offers immediate relief for many patients.

The name of the procedure is Sphenopalatine Ganglion and the name of the catheter is the SphenoCath. What we essentially do is insert a catheter up each nostril and when we get up into our target location, we then deploy a curved angle, which helps us slide farther back into the nasal passage.

With the SphenoCath — a new technology, approved by the FDA — we can confirm that indeed we are in the correct location. When we’re there, we introduce an FDA-approved solution designed to block the pain receptors in the SPG, and essentially “reset” the nerves responsible for migraine attacks. That’s it. The simplicity is the beautiful part of the procedure.

What makes this procedure possible is new technology, the design of the catheter, which allows the doctor to be able to reach the nerve bundle with the medication.

The best part is that this outpatient procedure takes only 10 to 15 minutes. The patients are not sedated and only a numbing medication is used.

The patient could come in on their lunch hour, or at any other time of the day, and have this procedure done. It only takes a few minutes and after this procedure is performed. almost all of our patients are migraine-free. They could go back to work or to their home feeling better than ever.

How did this procedure affect Kelly? She explains in her own words…

“[After the procedure was finished] I had to lie flat for 10 minutes and the pain was gone immediately. I thought this couldn’t be real. I thought I’ve been hurting for three, four days already and nothing would help. Then all it took was that one or two little nose drops and I felt 100 percent better.”

The effects of the procedure vary according to each patient but can stop migraine pain for months. These are innovative treatments by the experts at Migraine Medical!

Does this procedure sound like it’s a good fit for you? Are you unsure of whether it’s a good fit?

You’re in luck!

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What do you have to lose besides your migraines?

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