To put it in simple terms, the periodic table is a chart of the 118 minerals & elements that make up everything on the planet. Soils become depleted as the plants grow and use these elements for food. Back in the 1920’s farmers began to adopt fertilizing techniques using nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) or NPK for short. So for the last 100 years of agriculture, plants have been depleting soils year after year and farmers have only given back to the soil a total of 3 elements out of 118. Farmers wanting larger yields continued to add more and more of these 3 fertilizers until soil toxicity has now become a major issue

SpeedyVeg contains over 75 different natural trace nutrients the plants are craving during the growing process. And because these nutrients come from nature, there are NO toxicity issues. Because SpeedyVeg makes all of these nutrients available to the plant during critical growth stages, we find that it maximizes the plant’s genetic potential.