Frequently Asked Questions

The directions for SpeedyVeg™ say to mix with 4-8 oz of water, I want to use more or less water. What do I do?

Whether your plants are younger and use less than 4-8 oz of water per feeding or are more mature and use more than 8 oz of water is inconsequential. What is critical is that each plant receives one 10 gram treatment twice a week dissolved in whatever water is appropriate for your plant at that time.

How often do I use SpeedyVeg™ on my plants?

For best results you should apply 10 grams at least twice a week to your plant. For instance if you are an indoor grow and feed and water your plant every 3 days, use a SpeedyVeg™ every 3 days.

How much NPK fertilizer should I use when I’m using SpeedyVeg™?

Many growers use SpeedyVeg™ and nothing else but steer manure or fish emulsion for their nitrogen needs. But 80% of growers report still using NPK’s. The majority of growers tell us they reduce the use of NPK’s by 50% and combined that with using SpeedyVeg™ for the best results they’ve ever had!

What if my plants are out door and I water them every day?

We suggest you feed your plant 10 grams of SpeedyVeg™ twice a week, it’s just that simple. As long as they get 10 grams of SpeedyVeg™ twice a week you should see amazing results in a few short weeks!

How young of plants can I begin to use SpeedyVeg™ on? Can I use them all clones?

SpeedyVeg™ is formulated and designed to be used on plants with establish roots. We recommend that you do not use SpeedyVeg™ on clones. We recommend that you wait until your clones have established roots before you begin a feeding routine using SpeedyVeg™.


Can SpeedyVeg™ be mixed in with other nutrients or does it have to be applied separately?

SpeedyVeg™ can be applied on its own or mixed in with other nutrients. Many growers mix all of their nutrients in one batch and then apply it as a “tea” to their plants.


What if I have a lot of plants, how much SpeedyVeg™ will I need?

Simply measure the amount of SpeedyVeg™ that you need for the number of plants you will be feeding. For instance, if you have 100 plants you would need to use 1,000 grams or 1 kg of SpeedyVeg™ twice a week. If you are mixing your nutrients in a reservoir, place the 1 kg of SpeedyVeg™ in a 5 gallon bucket, add water and mix until it dissolves and then place it in your reservoir.


I don’t use soil to grow my plants?

SpeedyVeg™ works great with aquaponics and hydroponic systems because it’s soluble and breaks down quickly in water. Simply measure the amount of speedy that you need for the number of plants you will be feeding and place it in the reservoir. Most hydroponic systems have a pump at the bottom of the reservoir to circulate all of the nutrients. SpeedyVeg™ will stay in solution and will be able to be easily pumped to each of the plants being fed.

How do I get the fastest results with SpeedyVeg™?

Absolutely you can! We call it SpeedyVeg™ because that is when you can visually see a tremendous difference in the plants growth using SpeedyVeg™ versus the plants not using it. It is the micro nutrients that have been identified as the critical components necessary for the creation of the trichomes that create the THC in your plants. Not the NPK’s. Understanding this complex chemistry has taken years. It wasn’t until 1987 that we discovered that ionic manganese and ionic iron and other micro nutrients like those found in SpeedyVeg™ are necessary for CBD and THC production in cannabis. That is why if you want to maximize your plants genetic potential you need to use SpeedyVeg™ so that you can achieve the highest possible THC% your plant strains are capable of!


How does SpeedyVeg™ affect the microbes in my soil?

This is a very important question as many growers spend in exorbitant amount of money putting microbes in their growing medium. Many times this is a waste of money. If the necessary micro and macro nutrients they use as food is not found in the soil than these microbes will struggle. When you test the soil a week later the microbe count has dropped as they have all died off. It’s critical to understand that microbes consume macro and micro nutrients as those found in SpeedyVeg™. If you test the soil after using SpeedyVeg™ you will find that not only are the microbes alive and thriving but they have multiplied in large numbers. This is important to understand because it is the waste the microbes excrete that is one of the critical components that the plants live off of and use as food.

Will SpeedyVeg™ increase my PPM (parts per million) or TDS readings (totally dissolved solids)?

Yes your PPM or “parts per million” will increase using SpeedyVeg™ but that’s not a bad thing, like you have been taught. Let us explain.
A TDS meter measures the “totally dissolved solids” meaning the amount of nutrients you have in your water when you feed your plants. Many growers use this method to determine they are not over feeding their plants too many NPK’s and harm their plants. Of the NPK’s it is Nitrogen the growers are really trying to test for because it can burn your plants so easily. SpeedyVeg™ contains only trace amounts of nitrogen and is not considered a nitrogen or NPK product. When using SpeedyVeg™, it’s a good thing that your PPM’s and TDS readings are increasing; it shows you that you are making over 70 different macro and micro nutrients available to be used by your plant so it can thrive. So raising the PPM’s measured by you TDS meter is a good thing. That shows you that there are many other nutrients available for your plant to use and thrive on. This increase of PPM’s will in no way burn your plant. We have used as much as 100X times the recommended treatment of SpeedyVeg™ with no adverse side-effects whatsoever. SpeedyVeg™ is all organic and will not burn your plants, WE GUARANTEE IT !!!!


Why is using an organic nutrients like SpeedyVeg™ so important?

In today’s market it’s critical to realize that many of these plants are being used as medicine or eaten as edibles. The last thing you want to do is to pump patients full of harmful chemicals like those found in synthetic fertilizers. Researchers in California have discovered that when cannabis plants are burned, those chemicals transform into very hazardous carcinogens. SpeedyVeg™ is 100% organic and chemical free!


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